Tedious but necessary bits…. the small print

Cancellation policy.

We will generally ask for a £10 deposit per room per night.  All deposits taken are non refundable.
Should you cancel within 48hrs of your arrival time then you will be charged the full amount.  If we manage to let the room after you cancel we will let you off the balance.  We will still retain the deposit.

Payment methods.

We accept all credit cards with the exception of American Express however each transaction costs us an average of £1.47 (without even including the machine rental).
Regrettably we now ask for £1 per transaction to cover some of this charge.
If you prefer, you can use the cash machines in the Green Welly Stop or the Real Food Café, or you can pay by debit card or cheque made out to ‘Glengarry House’

Checking out.

To enable us to get the rooms turned round in time for the next guests we ask you to please vacate your rooms by 10am.

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